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Folk Museum

Skógar Museum opened December 1st, 1949. Originally housed in Skógar Regional School, the museum was founded on the initiative of Þórður Tómasson, who curated the museum since its inception until his retirement in 2013, at the age of 92.


Fisheries - Skogasafn

The Fisheries section contains a large collection of objects relating to fisheries along the south shore of Iceland. Fisheries in this region were unusual in that Iceland’s sandy south coast has no proper harbours; boats had to be launched from beaches that lie open to the North Atlantic waves. The centrepiece of the section is the eight-oared fishing-boat Pétursey, built in 1855, which was in use until 1946.


Agriculture - Skogasafn

The Agriculture section contains tools and utensils used on farms in olden times, riding gear, haymaking tools, dairy, woolworking and ironworking equipment, etc. In a subsistence economy, farming households had to be self-sustaining, making and repairing all their own tools and utensils.

Furnishings and Handcrafts

Furnishings and Handcrafts

The Furnishings and Handcrafts section contains a variety of everyday household items from olden times, including ornamental handcrafts made by both men and women: needlework, weavings, woodcarvings, metalwork, etc.

Natural History

Natural History

The Natural History section contains a variety of stuffed birds and animals, skeletons, eggs, plants etc., which was the private collection of Andrés H. Valberg from Skagafjörður.

The archives of the counties of Rangárvallasýsla and West Skaftafellssýsla are preserved here.

Opening Hours

Skogar Museum is open 362 days of the year

June - August: 09:00 - 18:00

September - May: 10:00 – 17:00 


Telephone +354 487 8845

Guided tours

Guided tours are available upon reservation in English, German and Icelandic. Sometimes there is the opportunity to have guided tours in French, Spanish, Norwegian and Danish.

Tour times are from opening time up to 1 hour before closing time.

For group reservations and guided tours please email or call +354 487 8845.