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Open Air Museum

The Open Air Museum has a large site, which includes examples of many periods of Icelandic architectural history.
At the lower end of the site is a traditional turf farmhouse, including a baðstofa (communal room where the household slept, ate and worked), kitchen with open hearth, pantry, parlour, store room and cattleshed. Adjacent to the turf farmhouse is a hydro-electric plant, a reminder of the inventive pioneers who first harnessed water power to generate electricity.
The upper part of the site includes a schoolhouse typical of Icelandic country schools in the early 20th century, a church, and a baðstofa built over a cattleshed to benefit from the warmth of the animals, along with a storehouse. At the highest point on the site is a wooden house built at Holt, Síða, in 1898.
To the east of the hydro plant is one of the spans of a bridge built in 1921 across the glacial river Jökulsá, Sólheimasandur.

1. Museum building
2. Turf farmhouse
3. Hydro-electric plant from Breiðabólsstaður, Síða.
4. Schoolhouse from Litli-Hvammur, Mýrdalur.
5. Church
6. Skál cattleshed-baðstofa and storehouse from Gröf.
7. Holt wooden house from Síða.
8. Museum of transport.



Opening Hours

Skogar Museum is open 362 days of the year

June - August: 09:00 - 18:00

September - May: 10:00 – 17:00 


Telephone +354 487 8845

Guided tours

Guided tours are available upon reservation in English, German and Icelandic. Sometimes there is the opportunity to have guided tours in French, Spanish, Norwegian and Danish.

Tour times are from opening time up to 1 hour before closing time.

For group reservations and guided tours please email or call +354 487 8845.